Orthomolecular Psychiatry Online:


Orthomolecular Psychiatry Online informs the public about orthomolecular psychiatry. Orthomolecular psychiatry is a field of medicine advocating treating mental disorders using natural substances the body produces. This includes nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids).

Skills applied:

-Created images

-Content management

-Created all writing content through researching and referencing


Toronto Counseling Service

Toronto Counseling Service:  Template (including layout and content) created for a Toronto counseling practice.

Skills applied:

-Created images

-Content management

-Created all writing content

-Created ideas and concepts


Sana Magazine

Online Magazine Description:

The word SANA is derived from a latin word ‘sanus’ meaning Healthy.

SANA Magazine is a digital and print publication embodying a well-rounded, healthy, socially- and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. SANA’s content, covering nutrition and health, mental wellness and spirituality, arts/culture/entertainment, community events/festivals, green trends and family life, will motivate readers to adopt a nature-based, holistic approach to life.

Skills Applied:

-Research and wrote articles for the magazine

-Used effective social media platforms to market ideas, articles, giveaways, contests related to magazine content

-Applied effective communication skills to collaborate with team members